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Social Media Services

Engage with your customers

Where customers are, there you will be also

A company must not just appear when customers search for their products and services on search engines, but also engage with them on social media. We help get you started or advance from where you are.

Why does your company need to be on social media?

In the early days of social media, some companies got away with simply posting unpaid content and waiting to see what happened. But as with any part of the business world, times have changed for social media marketing. In recent years, organic reach for social channels has essentially died. Gone are the days when a company could simply post to their pages and expect interaction without paid advertising. These days, companies that grow and maintain business using the power of social media do it one way: PAID MEDIA.

Regular Activity

We help you provide your followers with new, fresh, relevant material.

Build a following

Customers are 2-3 times more likely to use a company they like or follow if they are fans or followers!

Increase Website Traffic

Increase the number of visitors to your site by providing a direct link from other websites. You must go where your clients are!

Social Media Pricing

All plans have:
- $100 one-time setup fee. This fee is in addition to the first monthly charge only.
- Monthly content calendar
- Monthly report
- Channel management

Sliver Pack

  • 3 social channels
  • 1 campaign across platforms
  • 24 posts per month
  • 1 blog posts
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This plan is customized to fit the needs, budget, and objectives of the client.

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Bronze Pack

  • 4 social channels
  • 4 campaign across platforms
  • 48 posts per month
  • 2 blog posts
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Here are some of the most common questions we get concerning Social Media, along with our responses!

Chances are you’re already doing some Social Media Marketing. Anytime you post about your business on social media, you’re marketing it. It’s very straightforward, but it’s also very time consuming. Shifting from one platform to the next to make sure you’re showing up everywhere you need to be is a full-time job.  

Digital Marketing Suite solves this issue by giving you a single dashboard to manage your profiles on Facebook and Instagram, as well as address customer comments and reviews on Yelp and Google’s Business Listing. The same dashboard even includes your SEO controls, so you can manage all of your digital marketing efforts from one place.

Please contact us at If this is your first website, just give a quick description of what you’re looking for and your company. Include your current website link if you are seeking for an upgraded website. Before offering an estimate, we will contact you to schedule a conversation to discuss your website requirements. It’s simple.

Social Media



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We help forward-thinking brands to thrive online...

We are a Nairobi-based  marketing company helping forward-thinking brands to thrive online.

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