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Here are some of the most common questions we get concerning Pay Per Click(PPC), along with our responses!

What's your pricing model?

For paid campaigns up to $5,000, we charge a 20% management fee. For anything over $5,000, we charge 20% of the campaign ad spend.

Why aren’t my ads on the top?

Simply put, your adverts have a low ranking. Max CPC and quality score are the two most important factors that influence ad rank. Your advertising will not appear on top if either of these is low in comparison to your competition.

I notice my competitor's advertisements all over the place. How do we go about doing that?

A remarketing ad, which we highly endorse, is most likely what you’re seeing. When people visit your site, remarketing works by placing a cookie on their computer. The e-commerce giant Amazon is famously known for this.

Why am I not seeing my PPC ads?

In order to stay under your ad budget, Google will limit your advertising if your daily budget is not large enough to capture 100 percent of daily search volume.

Why do I see my competitor’s listing when I search for my business?

If you’re doing well in business, your competitors are likely to notice. They’re bidding on your brand as a keyword if you see their advertisements when you search for your company. If you want to outperform them, start bidding on your own brand.

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