Social Media Pricing


One Platforms Facebook/Twitter/ LinkedIn/ Instagram/ Pinterest

2-3 posts/week with relevant hashtags

80/20 rule for engagement and conversion

1 monthly Social Media Calendar

Kes. 25,250


Two Social Media Platforms Facebook/Twitter/ LinkedIn/ Instagram/ Pinterest

2-3 posts/week with relevant hashtags

80/20 rule for engagement and conversion

1 Monthly Blog Posts and/or LinkedIn

1 monthly Social Media Calendar

Kes. 60,250


Answer Messages

Facilitate conversation Daily

Paid Advertising Management

Follow Campaign to build an audience

+ All The Ultra plan Features

 All plans have a Kes. 10,000  one-time setup fee. This fee is in addition to the first monthly charge only.

The one-time setup fee ensures that your company gets off to a good start and can take advantage of all the benefits that social marketing has to offer. We help you lay a solid digital marketing foundation that you can enhance for years to come.

Breakdown of our Social Media Marketing Packages

Strategine offers a variety of social media packages tailored to various types of businesses with varying aims and intended reach.

Your Facebook presence will be completely rebooted as part of your Facebook advertising package. Many businesses already have an basic Facebook presence, but a Facebook advertising package allows you to enhance every part of that presence. A Facebook advertising package covers all facets of your company’s presence on the world’s largest social networking site, from a branded cover graphic to optimized hashtags to regular postings that are linked to credible and relevant sites in your field.

Never fear if you don’t already have a Facebook page. We’ve helped a lot of businesses start from the ground up.

Optimized hashtags and an 80/20 rule for engagement and conversion are included in Instagram advertising packages. You want the content of your sponsored Instagram posts to be relevant and interesting when they appear in users’ feeds. Users should, in theory, interact with the content. As a result, our Instagram advertising packages make advantage of every visual and aural resource available, ensuring that viewers who see your post get the best possible impression.

We inform our Instagram Advertising Packages based on data specific to your organization, just like we do with all of our advertising packages. The longer your firm is a part of the campaign, the more we can fine-tune your organization’s unique approach to a problem.

Many professionals use LinkedIn as a resource for expert guidance. A strong LinkedIn presence can be the difference between your company being just another company and the voice of your company becoming an industry authority, regardless of what industry you’re in.

Individualized messaging for those connected to your company, originally posted material, and a campaign to grow your audience from the ground up are all included in the personalized LinkedIn Advertising Package.

Case Studies

Learn how we have helped companies thrive through social media.

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